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Project IDFacultyTitleCategory
01456Turner, D.20/59 Downtown PR ProgramSafety
00461McFadden, J.2000 Capacity Manual ShortcourseTech Transfer
99324Bliss, J.3-D Safety Alarms for DriversSafety
99464Brown, D.A CARE Interpreter for North CarolinaSafety
07406Turner, D.ABIMS Plus, Phase 2Bridge
03235Sisiopiku, V.Access Management TrainingTech Transfer
11401Turner, D.Additional Introductory Training for the Highway Safety ManualTech Transfer
02409Lindly, J.Adjust Pvmt Life Cycle Cost FactorsManagement
11113Keskin, B.Advanced Patrol Routing with On-Call Response for Effective Resource ManagementManagement
01216Jones, S.Advanced Public Trans in BirminghamManagement
02113Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2002Education
03113Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2003Education
04115Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2004Education
05107Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2005Education
06115Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2006Education
07102Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2007Education
08111Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2008Education
09108Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2009Education
10105Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2010Education
11101Turner, D.Advanced Transportation Institute 2011Education
00108Williamson, D.Air Quality Aspects of Traffic Mgmt.Management
01111Haynes, C.Airport Licensing RequirementsEducation
06402Turner, D.AL Bridge Management System PlusBridge
06306Anderson, M.AL MPO-Freight Trans ForecastManagement
02401Turner, D.Alabama Business Plan for ITS/CVOManagement
07110Lindly, J.Alabama Freight CongestionManagement
12415Jones, S.Alabama Traffic Data Collection AnalysisManagement
11106Jones, S.Alabama Transportation Strategic VisionManagement
01459Sterling, J.ALDOT and GASB 34 - Phase IManagement
12410Batson, R.ALDOT Economic SustainabilityManagement
12101Jones, S.ALDOT ITS Strategic VisionManagement
04215Rizk, T.Alt. Hwy Project Delivery SystemsManagement
05114McLeod, R.Alternate Financing AL HighwaysEducation
10107Lindly, J.Alternative Future Revenue Sources for Alabama HighwaysManagement
11305Anderson, M.Analysis of Rural Public Transit in AlabamaManagement
99462Brown, D.Analysis of Safety Computer ProgramsSafety
05205Jones, S.Annual Tech Transfer ProgramTech Transfer
06113Jones, S.Annual Tech. Transfer Program 06Tech Transfer
01464Brown, D.Apply Info Tech to Ala Traffic SafetySafety
07112Jones, S.Arterial Traffic CongestionManagement
06406Jones, S.ASAP Air Quality EvaluationMiscellaneous
03103Lindly, J.Assess St. Clair Co. Trans NeedsManagement
02414Brown, D.Asst Law Enforcement (LESIS-2)Safety
02408Brown, D.Asst to Law Enforcement (LESIS)Safety
00470Turner, D.Automated Enforcement FeasibilityManagement
02403Graettinger, A.Bridge Database and Data RetrievalBridge
08404Hale, D.Bridge Deficiency Metric RefinementBridge
06401Richardson, J.Bridge Health Monitoring MetricsBridge
05404Hale, D.Bridge Maint Mgmt SystemBridge
12404Jones, S.Bridge Rail Safety AnalysisBridge
04308Youngblood, A.Bridge Vulnerability AssessmentBridge
07212Hitchcock, W.Bridge Weigh-in-Motion TestingBridge
02201Peters, R.Catalysts/Zeolites for Diesel ExhaustManagement
03203Peters, R.Catalysts/Zeolites-Diesel Exhaust IIMiscellaneous
00305Toutanji, H.Cementitious Mtls.-Bridge DecksBridge
10104Jones, S.Characterization of Non-recurrent Arterial CongestionManagement
03412Jones, S.CO Air Qual. Model for Trans AnalysisMiscellaneous
03234Lalor, M.Co-sponsor Livable Cities ConferenceTech Transfer
99101Triche, M.Co. Bridge Replace Guide Bridge
00117Triche, M.Co. Bridge Replace Guide, Phase-2Bridge
12406Lou, Y.Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Pricing Strategies for Managed Lanes (2012-089)Management
14401Giannini, E.
Lindly, J.
Comparative Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Deck SealersBridge
02217Jones, S.Compare Traffic Simulation SoftwareManagement
02413Anderson, M.Compare Traffic Simulation SoftwareManagement
00467Davidson, J.Computer-based Sign Support DesignMiscellaneous
03404Lindly, J.Computerization - ALDOT R&D LibraryMiscellaneous
01220Delatte, N.Concrete Overlays and RepairsMiscellaneous
99247Delatte, N.Concrete Pavement ShortcourseTech Transfer
11402Lou, Y.Contraflow Evacuation Planning for I-65 in AlabamaManagement
03411Jones, S.Corridor X Development PlanManagement
06410Turner, D.County Engr Road Safety WorkshopSafety
04303Anderson, M.County Pvmt Management SystemManagement
99456Brown, D.Crash Analysis Info. Division of UTCASafety
99113Conerly, M.Crash Data Mining/VisualizationSafety
02115Hardin, M.Crash Safety - Data Mining ApproachSafety
99250Wynn, T.Crashes in High Risk GroupsSafety
05209Davidson, J.Culvert Management SystemMiscellaneous
03312Anderson, M.Data Analysis for Through Trip RatesManagement
01467Brown, D.Data Analysis to Enrich HSPSafety
01468Brown, D.Data Enrichment for Traffic SafetySafety
00466Williamson, D.Data for MOBILE-6 Air Qual ConformityManagement
04310Graves, S.Data Mining - Safety/Road ConditionSafety
04107Smith, R.Data Mining to Improve Traffic SafetySafety
06210Davidson, J.Deck Forms for Bridge ConstructionBridge
09203Fouad, F.Design of VMS Bridge Support Structures for Fatigue LoadsBridge
05104Richardson, J.Develop Bridge Testing ManualBridge
06112Jones, S.Develop ITS Education ActivitiesEducation
01469Brown, D.Develop LESIS Strategic PlanManagement
12302Toutanji, H.Developing Sustainable Transportation Performance Measures for ALDOTMiscellaneous
07408Sisiopiku, V.Development of a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model to Assess Lane Reversal Plans on I-65Management
09401Turner, D.Development of a Work Plan for the 2nd Ed. of the Highway Safety ManualSafety
09403Jones, S.Development of Access Management CriteriaManagement
14402Graettinger, A.
Jones, S.
Smith, R.
Development of Crash Modification Factors for DOT Funded Selective EnforcementSafety
13402Jones, S.Development of the ALDOT Roundabout Design and Operations ManualManagement
99238Owsley, C.Diminished Driver CapabilitiesSafety
08401Lindly, J.Driver Reaction at Railroad CrossingsSafety
02416Parrish, A.E-CitationSafety
11202Waldron, C.Effect of Increasing Truck Weight on BridgesBridge
01230Grabowski, D.Effect of State Laws on Auto FatalitiesSafety
13408Giannini, E.Eisenhower Summer Exchange ProgramEducation
02412Turner, D.Emergency Bridge Replacement PRManagement
01105Triche, M.Emergency Evacuation ProceduresManagement
06211Hitchcock, W.Emergency Reconstruct InfrastructureManagement
13407Giannini, E.Engineering Consulting ServicesMiscellaneous
00465Lindly, J.Enhancements to Workzone SafetySafety
00233Clark, S.Erosion and Sediment ShortcourseTech Transfer
02304Lin, M.ETDR for Bridge Strain MonitoringBridge
00218Fouad, F.Eval. Highway Sign SupportsMiscellaneous
99463Brown, D.Eval. of Several Ongoing Safety PgmsSafety
05409Lindly, J.Evaluate Double Drop Bead Edge LinesSafety
01465Lindly, J.Evaluate Profile Pavement MarkingsSafety
02407Turner, D.Evaluation of Click It or TicketSafety
03414Parrish, A.Evaluation of Click It or Ticket 2003Safety
09207Du, L.Evaluation of Cracking Potential of Concrete MixturesBridge
12413Jones, S.Evaluation of Diverging Diamond Interchanges for Alabama, Phase IManagement
08402Lindly, J.Evaluation of Public Private Partnership ProposalsManagement
02402Lindly, J.Evaluation of RetroreflectometersSafety
04405Lindly, J.Evaluation of Rumble StripesSafety
08204Hitchcock, W.Expanding Portable B-WIM TechnologyBridge
03309Gopu, V.Expert Sys-Drilled Shaft Const InspectBridge
03116Fonseca, D.Expert System, Recycle Road WasteManagement
01463Brown, D.Extend CARE for North CarolinaSafety
06411Jones, S.Feasibility Pilot Car ProgramSafety
08403Lindly, J.Feasibility Study Guidelines for Public Private Partnership ProjectsManagement
06122Lindly, J.Federal Transit WorkshopMiscellaneous
01218Davidson, J.Flowable Fill-Local Bridge ReplacementManagement
01114Graettinger, A.Fndn Eval with Micro Intrusive TestingBridge
03112Sharpe, S.Forecast Bridge Decay/Maint.Management
04203Sisiopiku, V.Freeway Ramp Metering in AlabamaManagement
03417Hale, D.GASB 34 Compliance: Phase 3 HydraManagement
03418Hale, D.GASB 34 Compliance: Phase 3-BridgesManagement
02411Hale, D.GASB-34 Compliance: Phase IIManagement
03102Graettinger, A.GIS & Crash DataSafety
03304Gholston, S.GIS to Accompany CARESafety
02114Hale, D.GIS-Resource Allocation VisualizationManagement
03306Bosco, C.Hand-held Explosives Sensor SystemMiscellaneous
02215Clark, S.Hazmat Crash EducationSafety
00214Becker, S.Health/Public Safety in Haz. Mtl. SpillsSafety
02209Jones, S.High School Trans Education PgmEducation
04117Pitt, R.Hwy Drainage Conservation PracticesMiscellaneous
03405Uddin, N.I-565 Bridge Repair with VARTMBridge
05312Leonard, K.Identify-Mgmt Impaired DriversSafety
99115Graettinger, A.Imp. Crash Locations w/ GPS/GIS Safety
10206Stavrinos, D.Impact of Distracted Driving on CongestionSafety
11108Grau, D.Impact of Nighttime Construction on Work QualityManagement
04108Weber, K.Impact of Sprawl AL CommutingManagement
11206Sisiopiku, V.Impacts of Transit in a Complete Streets ContextManagement
06408Turner, D.Implement Strategic Hwy Safety PlanSafety
064082Turner, D.Implement Strategic Hwy Safety Plan - 2Safety
08206Sullivan, A.Implementing Active Management Strategies in the U.S.Management
12202Salama, T.Improving Bridge Load Rating AccuracyBridge
01117Batson, R.Infrastructure Cost/Schedule MgmtManagement
01461Brown, D.Integration of Crash/Other DataSafety
01110Lindly, J.Intercity Bus Service Study 2001Management
07403Lindly, J.Intercity Bus Service Study 2007Management
04409Jones, S.Intermodal Management SystemManagement
05302Anderson, M.Internet Surveys-Traffic ModelingManagement
03114Turner, D.ITS Applications for Trans InfrastructureManagement
00103McFadden, J.ITS Expert ServicesManagement
02418Brown, D.LETS Design/Development Phase 2Management
06407Jones, S.Leveraging the ITS LaboratoryEducation
12409Lindly, J.Life Cycle Cost in ALDOT Infrastructure ProjectsManagement
00219Davidson, J.Local Bridge Replacement PrioritizationBridge
04210Uddin, N.Low Cost Thermoplastic Treat BridgesBridge
01112Durrans, R.Maintenance System for StormwaterManagement
07204Sisiopiku, V.Managed Lanes OpportunitiesManagement
00202Delatte, N.Materials Shortcourse/ITS ShortcourseTech Transfer
09201Sullivan, A.Measuring Non-Recurrent Congestion in Alabama CitiesManagement
04101Williamson, D.Minimizing Hwy Const. EmmissionsMiscellaneous
09301Zuo, K.Modeling Damage in Concrete Pavements and BridgesBridge
01330Anderson, M.Modeling Support & TELUS DatabaseManagement
01223Davidson, J.Modern Curved BridgesBridge
00476Parrish, A.Modification of the Crash Report FormSafety
02109Williamson, D.Monitoring Ozone Migration in ALManagement
99249Delatte, N.Multicampus Trans EducationEducation
99118Sterling, J.Multidisciplinary Trans/LogisticsEducation
05315Toutanji, H.Multimedia for LRFD Steel BridgesBridge
07401Toutanji, H.Multimedia LRFD ResourceBridge
01332Gopu, V.Multimedia Resource for Bridge EngrsBridge
10304Toutanji, H.Multimedia Resource Package for LRFR of BridgesBridge
04312Toutanji, H.Multimedia Tech for Bridge Repair; IIBridge
03301Toutanji, H.Multimedia Tech-Timber Bridge RepairBridge
06303Toutanji, H.Multimedia-LRFD Conc. BridgeBridge
01225Jones, S.Multimodal Planning Needs SurveyManagement
00462McFadden, J.MUTCD ShortcourseTech Transfer
12401Lindly, J.Natural Gas Encasement for Highway CrossingsManagement
04219Fouad, F.New Criteria-Traffic Signal SupportsManagement
01327Toutanji, H.New Procedure for Bridge Deck EvalBridge
04112Johnson, P.NPDES Technology TransferTech Transfer
04404Turner, D.Off-Road Accs. & CHSP DevelopmentSafety
09104Keskin, B.Optimal Traffic Resource Allocation and ManagementManagement
05106Hale, D.Optimum Document RepositorySafety
02216Fouad, F.Overhead Cantilevered Sign SupportsMiscellaneous
03215Lalor, M.Particle Exposure-Diesel BusesMiscellaneous
01454Turner, D.PI&E - 2001 State Seatbelt SurveySafety
10401Lindly, J.Pilot Car Driver Certification ProgramSafety
01470Brown, D.Pilot Study-Traffic Safety InfrastructureSafety
07407Turner, D.Pilot Study: School Bus Seat BeltsSafety
03105Williamson, D.PM2.5 Emissions from Bham RoadsMiscellaneous
05215Fouad, F.Prefab. Concrete Bridge SystemsEducation
09109Turner, D.Preparing for Transit-Oriented Development: A Primer & Training CourseTech Transfer
02420Brown, D.Prob Ident - NC Highway Safety PlanSafety
01221Chen, S.Procedure for Bridge Dynamic RatingBridge
03402Richardson, J.Proof Load Test Concrete BridgesBridge
00469Lindly, J.Public Trans Needs AssessmentManagement
03416Hale, D.Pvmt Management System ReviewManagement
13401Lou, Y.Rail Highway At-Grade Crossing Prioritization and Ranking Program AnalysisSafety
12414Jones, S.Red Light Running Camera Implementation GuideManagement
02112Lindly, J.Red-light Running PredictionSafety
03226Sisiopiku, V.Regional Emergency-Traffic Sim.Management
05406Turner, D.Resh-Development Peer ExchangeManagement
11403Lindly, J.Revenue Enhancement Alternatives for the Alabama Department of TransportationManagement
05319Anderson, M.Review of Urban TransportationManagement
02410Haynes, C.Revised Airport LicensingManagement
12408Lou, Y.Revision of Observation Sites for 2012 AL Occupant Restraint Survey DesignSafety
12411Jones, S.Revision of the Traffic Signal Design Guide and Timing ManualManagement
05109Fridley, K.Risk-Based Bridge Inspect-MgmtBridge
09305Ashour, M.Road Embankment and Slope StabilizationMiscellaneous
11103Lou, Y.Role of Transit Service Providers in Land DevelopmentManagement
01231Delatte, N.Roller Compacted Conc PavementMiscellaneous
99244Pitt, R.Routing Hazardous Mtls. w/ GISManagement
00113Haynes, C.RR Tariffs and Coal Mining in AlabamaManagement
03108Haynes, C.Runway Topography ConsiderationsManagement
99104Lindly, J.Rural Public Transit SystemsManagement
06409Lindly, J.Safe Routes To SchoolSafety
12402Jones, S.Safety & Operational Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Signal ControlSafety
99459Turner, D.Safety Public Awareness, Phase 2Safety
00473Turner, D.Safety Public Awareness, Phase 3Safety
07115Turner, D.Safety Synthesis for OS/OW VehiclesSafety
06403Richardson, J.School Bus Load Rating for BridgesBridge
10404Turner, D.Scoping Study for Implementation of the Highway Safety Manual in AlabamaManagement
04402Anderson, M.Sect. 5310 and 5311 FTA ComplianceManagement
11404Lou, Y.Selection of Observation Sites for 2012 Alabama Occupant Restraint Survey DesignSafety
03303Yoo, S.Sensor Networks For Auto TrackingManagement
13403Turner, D.Short Term, Quick Turnaround Services to Facilitate Safety Research and ImplementationSafety
05403Turner, D.Signalized Intersection CrashesSafety
00456Turner, D.Simpler Construction Plan SetsSafety
00474Brown, D.Software for Hazard Elim. SystemSafety
99461Brown, D.Southeastern Fatal Crash StudySafety
03228Davidson, J.Stability-Curved Bridges During Const.Bridge
02306Gopu, V.Standardized Bridge SystemsBridge
00457Sterling, J.State Docks Development StudyManagement
03413Jones, S.State of Practice, Non-traffic MessagesManagement
01458Turner, D.Statewide Alcohol-Use CoordinatorSafety
04403Anderson, M.Statewide Implementation of MIMSManagement
01457Turner, D.Statewide Restraint-Use CoordinatorSafety
04407Jones, S.Statewide Traffic Signal Design ManualManagement
06217Salama, T.Strengthen Steel Bridge Girders-CFRPBridge
02303Toutanji, H.Structural Damage Resource MtlsBridge
00231Chen, S.Structural Reliability ShortcourseTech Transfer
03308Anderson, M.Student Funding for TRB 2003Education
05301Anderson, M.Student Funding for TRB 2005Education
08303Anderson, M.Student Funding to Attend TRB Annual Meeting 2008Education
09307Anderson, M.Student Funding to Attend TRB Conference 2009Education
10308Anderson, M.Student Funding to Attend TRB Conference 2010Education
11306Anderson, M.Student Funding to Attend TRB Conference 2011Education
06311Anderson, M.Student Funding TRB 2006Education
07301Anderson, M.Student Funding TRB 2007Education
03401Lindly, J.Study of 511 Traveler InformationManagement
01101Bunn, M.Success Factors-Traf Mgmt/EmergManagement
04213Jones, S.Tech Transfer Program ContinuationTech Transfer
12403Turner, D.Technical Assistance, Liaison and Coordination Services for Highway Safety Research and Implementation ProgramsSafety
03217Jones, S.Technology Transfer ProgramTech Transfer
02205Grimes, G.Telework for Trans ImprovementManagement
05228Uddin, N.Thermoplastic Bridge SuperstructureBridge
01462Brown, D.Traffic Info Systems InfrastructureSafety
00110Bunn, M.Traffic Mgmt./Emerg. CommunicationManagement
07211Sullivan, A.Traffic Responsive Signals-WeatherManagement
06121Jones, S.Traffic Signals-Oversaturated StreetsManagement
10402Turner, D.Training for the Highway Safety ManualTech Transfer
05402Wingenter, T.Training Program EnhancementsEducation
99328Anderson, M.Tranplan and GIS SupportManagement
06101Elam, M.Trans Curriculum for High SchoolsEducation
04116Turner, D.Trans Labs/Facilities Shelby HallEducation
03415Anderson, M.Trans Modeling Support - Ala MPOsManagement
03419Williamson, D.Trans Network: Data-Analyze-VisualizeMiscellaneous
99236Lalor, M.Trans Programs via Distance Ed.Education
08112Turner, D.Transit Evacuation: Two Case StudiesManagement
08103Melouk, S.Transit Modeling and Mitigating Traffic CongestionManagement
05231Hitchcock, W.Transportation CIP EducationEducation
05307Murphy, L.Transportation Cyber SecurityManagement
09306Leonard, K.Transportation Engineering Advancement & Mentoring Program 2009Education
10303Leonard, K.Transportation Engineering Advancement & Mentoring Program 2010Education
11301Leonard, K.Transportation Engineering Advancement and Mentoring Program 2011Education
06202Sisiopiku, V.Transportation Facilities Emerg. Mgmt.Management
00304Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2000Education
01326Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2001Education
02301Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2002Education
03305Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2003Education
04301Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2004Education
05303Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2005Education
06304Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2006Education
07305Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2007Education
08301Leonard, K.Transportation Summer Institute 2008Education
12412Jones, S.Travel Time Assessment of Adaptive Traffic Signal Control SystemsManagement
04306Anderson, M.TRB and TRB Conference Attendance 2004Education
01328Anderson, M.Trip Generation & Travel Rate IndicesManagement
07304Harris, G.Truck Traffic & Congestion ModelingManagement
02406Parrish, A.Upgrade Florida Safety SystemSafety
99467Brown, D.Upgrade Iowa Safety Info SystemSafety
10204Uddin, N.Use of WIM Data for Site-specific LRFR Bridge RatingBridge
09402Lindly, J.UTCA Research ForumTech Transfer
99252Davidson, J.UTCA-Other Safety-Related CentersSafety
01453Lindly, J.Utility Pole Safety ProgramSafety
04401Anderson, M.Vehicle Fleet Database & Asset MgmtManagement
00463Graettinger, A.Video for Traffic Mgmt and SafetyManagement
00102McFadden, J.Video for Traffic Mgmt. and SafetyManagement
04408Jones, S.Visualize U.S. 280 Access Mgmt AltsManagement
03229Uddin, N.Vulnerability Reduction for BridgesBridge
01455Turner, D.Walk Our Children CampaignSafety
03403Turner, D.Walk Our Children to SchoolSafety
06109Cui, Q.Warranties in Highway ProjectsManagement
04111Malloy, A.Web Bridge Sufficiency CalculatorBridge
02101Haynes, C.Web-Based Airport LicensingManagement
10403Graettinger, A.Wisconsin DOT - Crash and Analysis Mapping Phase II ProjectSafety
12407Graettinger, A.Wisconsin DOT – Crash and Analysis Mapping Phase IIISafety
04406Lindly, J.Work Zone Configurations and EffectsMiscellaneous
00107Lindly, J.Work Zone Enhancement ShortcourseTech Transfer
07404Batson, R.Work Zone Lane Closure Analysis ModelManagement

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